Hotel & Restaurant Management System

Hannah soft's HMS has been developed for Hotels and Restaurants to cater for Front Office & POS. It has 7 modules, room booking, check-in, check-outs, room management, front office cashier module, night auditing reports, KOT, Billing and Settlement, housekeeping, inventory control, cost center consumption analysis. It has integrated with Smart Devices (Android and iOS) where waiter can able to take the order using mobile devices

Personal & Payroll Management System

Hannah Soft's PPMS consists of personnel information and pay detail of each employee. It also contains daily and monthly attendance, monthly deductions of advance and loan, bonus and arrear calculation. This software supports Multi Branches, Bio-metric device integration, Daily attendance maintenance, Scan and upload employee photos, Configurable allowance and deduction, OT Calculation, Statutory reports.

Church Community & Accounting System

Hannah Soft's CCS is a cloud-based web & Mobile application. It has ability to view the parish/pastorate members for communication, maintain subscription, share receipts to the congregants via SMS/E-mail, update congregation about important information via ‘Push notification’, computerized sacrament certificates, Maintain the cash/bank register.

360 Degree Feedback System

Hannah Soft's 360DFS questionnaire gives feedback based on perception of Superiors, Peers and Direct reports on Leadership Competencies to the managers seeking the feedback. This system provides an opportunity to help the participant learn more about his/her strengths as well as areas that may need improvement

Clinic Management System

Hannah Soft's CMS is a complete solution to takes care of clinic day to day operations, maintain patient records, support for multi branches, appointment tracking, feedback management, billing, Payment, integration to personal and payroll system and analytical Reports.

Wealth Management System

Hannah Soft's WMS, the main objective of this organization is to purchase of prime lands & disposal for a good amount of profit, bulk land purchase and disposal in parts, purchase & disposal of old/new residential houses & shopping complexes, etc.

Student Assessment System

Hannah Soft's SAS is used to assess the applicant whether he is eligible to perform the requested position. The software has the ability to create the applicant modules by classes/groups. THe admin module has the ability to create a question bank, test set, test, section. The question will be eirther objective, multi choice, descriptive. The student/applicant module will perform the test. The application has the ability to scan and process the OCR based answer sheets.

E-Commerce Portal

E-Commerce Portal is for online purchasing of its products. It has content management capabilities, promotion and discount code tools, an easy-to-use checkout, email marketing integration, multiple payment options, the ability to scale up with your platform.. It has the ability to manage categories, sub-categories, brands, products, easy to search and sort the product or categories, ability to manage main product image and additional product images.

Asset Management System

Hannah Soft's AMS is used to maintain the existing asset within the company/branches in different locations. It maintains a complete product catalog of all assets owned by the company with price and warranty details. It also maintains a vendor catalog, compare prices from different vendors.

Timecard Management System

Hannah Soft's TMS is used to declare employees task by branch/project on daily/weekly basis. Reporting head will approve the task and HR will review subsequently, budget tracking, document sharing. It reveal invaluable insights into where your efforts are actually going, helps to stop wasting valuable time and start managing tasks more efficiently

Recruitment Management System

Recruitment Software is an applicant tracking system for recruitment process. The key features of the application are resume parsing, job portal application, source & short-list candidates, arrange online test / conduct interviews, select the candidates and on-board the candidates for the organisation. The application has ability to integrate with social medias, outlook, micro website.

Fancy Foot Wear

This software contains purchase, sales, stores and costing modules. It also consists of sales, sales return, purchase, purchase return, raw material issues to production department, purchase requisition, quotation, purchase order, goods received note. This software has accounts payable and receivable module, bank reconciliation statement, ageing analysis, cheque book management additionally

Movie Document Tracking System (MTrak)

Movie Document Tracking System (MTrak) is used to scan the documents and store the files in repository for future retrieval. MTrak System is used to scan documents and classify the documents by category and sub-categories. The documents will be retrieved based on search criteria from database and showed as Flip book.

Papercup Management System

Hannah Soft's PMS is used for maintaining profit and loss account of the organisation at any point in time. In order to maintain P&L, the software consist of sales, sales return, purchase, purchase return, raw material sales, machine production by employee/shift, Stock adjustments, Wastages. The application support for multi-branches, configurable rate master by brand/paper size. This software has accounts payable & receivable module, expense management, etc.